Teaching at IEEB, NTU, Taiwan

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, College of Life Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Winter semester

EEB5082 (B44U1940) Introduction to R for Ecologists (R語言在生態學的應用)

  • winter semester of odd years, 3 credits (3 hours per week, theory + R lab), in English

EEB 5085 Vegetation Ecology (植群生態學)

  • since winter semester 105-1, every year, 2 credits, in English
  • introduction to the theory of vegetation ecology

Summer semester

EEB5083 (B44U1950) Numerical Methods in Community Ecology (群聚生態學分析方法)

  • since summer semester 104-2, every year, 3 credits (theory + R lab), in English

EEB5084 (B44U1960) Methods of Vegetation Survey (植群調查方法與實作)

  • since summer semester 104-2, every year, 3 credits, in English
  • combination of theory (in a classroom) + field trips (collecting data) + lab (data processing)

Previous teaching at Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

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