About me and this blog

I am vegetation ecologist and assistant professor at National Taiwan University in Taiwan. My homepage with CV, publications, teaching and other stuff is here, welcome to visit if interested.

Some of the questions that are fascinating me right now: What causes diversity patterns in plant communities along gradients like elevation, the frequency of cloud and intensity of wind? What is the relative importance of primary ecological processes like ecological drift, dispersal or selection, in maintaining species coexistence in real plant communities? How useful is the trait-based approach in vegetation ecology? Why do we feel that we should apply more and more complicated analyses to answer more and more trivial questions?

I am the full-time assistant professor at National Taiwan University since 2015, and since 2005 I spent each year at least two months in Taiwan by doing field work or travelling. Before my current job I was the scientific researcher at Masaryk University in Brno, and even earlier I studied my doctoral, master and bachelor degree at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. I was trained as vegetation ecologist in a temperate region, and now I pursue my research in the subtropical one; this brings me an everyday fascination, inspiration and material for my thoughts. More than a decade ago I fell in love with R, and I still haven’t got rid of it. I spent quite a few years by analysing community ecology data and learning new methods for doing that, just to find out that I prefer simple and more straightforward analyses against those complex ones, and critically doubt whether those analyses really say what we think they do. I found passion in teaching, which helps me to sort the knowledge for myself so as I can pass it to the others, forces me to comb the mountains of information to make it simple and digestible, and could be great fun (well, sometimes).

This blog is an irregular depository of my mind snapshots – things I am working on, reading about, thinking about or teaching in my classes. It is a way of sorting my mind with an option to discuss with those who are interested or face the same questions and problems. Not sure if anybody is concerned, but if yes, I will be happy if you let me know, by comment or email!