Curriculum vitae

David Zelený, PhD

Education history: (all at the Faculty of Biological Sciences, the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice):

Employment history:

  • 2004–2005: Research assistant at the Department of Botany, the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • 2005–2009: Research assistant at the Department of Botany and Zoology, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic
  • 2009–2015: Scientific researcher at the Department of Botany and Zoology, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic
  • 2015-2021: Assistant professor at the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • since 2021: Associate professor at the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (澤大衛)


  • Current teaching at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan
    • Introduction to R for Ecologists (2015-present)
    • Vegetation Ecology (2016-present)
    • Seminar on Vegetation Ecology (2020-present)
    • Numerical Methods in Community Ecology (2016-present)
    • Methods of Vegetation Survey (2016-present)
  • Previous teaching at the Masaryk University, Czech Republic
    • Data analysis in community ecology (2010-2015)
    • Analysis of community ecology data in R program (2011-2015)
    • Visualization of biological data (2007-2015)
    • Field course of geobotany (with Lubomír Tichý and Ching-Feng Li, 2008-2015)
  • Supervising bachelor, master and doctoral theses: 6 successfully defended undergraduate theses (Pavel Brych, 2006; Hana Sekerková, 2009; Markéta Chudomelová, 2011; Tereza Růžičková, 2013; Jaroslav Hruban, 2013; Jana Kučerová, 2014), 12 graduate theses (Hana Sekerková, 2011; Markéta Chudomelová, 2013; Dominik Zukal, 2015; Jana Kučerová, 2016; Ren-Mei Ooi (co-supervisor), 2018; Yen-Cheng Shen, 2019; Kenneth Huang (co-supervisor), 2019; Tsung-Yi Lin, 2019; Po-Yu Lin, 2021; Yi-Nuo Lee, 2021; Kuan-Fu Lin, 2022; Yu-Pei Tseng, 2022) and 1 PhD thesis (Markéta Chudomelová, 2020). Check the website of Vegetation Ecology Lab for the list of students I currently supervise (

Research activities:

  • 2009–2011: Vegetation of the Czech Republic: completion of the national survey of plant communities (GA206/09/0329, co-worker; main investigator: M. Chytrý) www
  • 2011–2014: Generalized supervised classification in community ecology (GAP505/11/0732, co-worker, main investigator: L. Tichý) www
  • 2012–2015: Beta diversity of plant communities along constrained environmental gradients (GAP505/12/1022, main investigator: D. Zelený) www
  • 2016/9–2017/7: Community assembly along stress gradients: effect of cloud frequency and chronic-wind intensity on forest vegetation in Taiwan [壓力梯度上的群落建構:雲霧頻度和恆風強度對台灣森林的影響]. (MOST, 105-2621-B-002-004, main investigator: D. Zelený) www
  • 2017/8-2020/7: Changes in species- and community-level properties of forest vegetation along cloud and chronic-wind gradients in Taiwan [台灣森林中物種以及群聚層級之特質沿著雲霧和強風梯度的變化]. (MOST, 106-2621-B-002-003-MY3, main investigator: D. Zelený)
  • 2020/8-2023/7: Taxonomic and functional diversity and geographical distribution of the Subtropical Montane Cloud Forest in Taiwan: A multiscale approach [以多尺度方法研究臺灣亞熱帶山地霧林分類與功能多樣性及地理分布]. (MOST, 109-2621-B-002-002-MY3, main investigator: D. Zelený)
  • 2023/8-2024-7: Effect of chronic wind on taxonomic and trait diversity and composition of forest vegetation in Taiwan [恆風在臺灣對分類與功能多樣性及森林植群組成的影響]. (NSTC, 112-2621-B-002-004, main investigator: D. Zelený)

Research interests: vegetation ecology, ecological processes maintaining different aspects of diversity, numerical analysis of community ecology data, the ecology of subtropical forest, vegetation classification.

Editorial board: Journal of Vegetation Science (a member of the Editorial Board since 2015, Associate Editor since 2018), Phytocoenologia (a member of the Editorial Board, 2015-2018), Taiwania (English editor, 2016-2018), Monographiae Botanicae (a member of Editorial Council since 2017).

Served as a reviewer for the following journals: Applied Vegetation Science (8 reviewed manuscripts), Biotropica (1), Botanical Studies (3), Central European Journal of Biology (2), Community Ecology (1), Data in Brief (1), Diversity and Distribution (1), Ecography (6), Ecological Indicators (3), Ecology and Evolution (1), Folia Geobotanica (13), Global Change Biology (1), Global Ecology and Biogeography (2), Journal of Biogeography (4), Journal of Ecology (2), Journal of Forest Research (1), Journal of Linnean Society (1), Journal of Mountain Science (2), Journal of Plant Ecology (2), Journal of Vegetation Science (25), Methods in Ecology and Evolution (1), New Phytologist (1), Oikos (2), PeerJ (2), Phytocoenologia (4), Plant Ecology (4), Plant Ecology & Diversity (2), Plant and Soil (1), PLoS ONE (1), Population Ecology (1), Preslia (5), Restoration Ecology (1), ScienceAsia (1), Taiwania (4), Vegetation Classification and Survey (1).

Membership in professional societies: Czech Botanical Society, International Association for Vegetation Science (2007-present, Council member since 2015, Secretary since 2019), Ecological Society of America (2010-2018), International Biogeography Society (2013-2017), The Ecological Society of Japan (2018), British Ecological Society (2020).

Past working experience:

  • 2001: participation in the project The influence of management changes and atmospheric deposition on the ecosystem quality in mountainous areas - collecting and analysis of vegetation data (Dr J. Květ, Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences)
  • 2002: participation in the project Direct succession on previously arable land, CLUE - fieldwork, vegetation sampling in the Netherlands (Martin Bezemeer - NIOO, Heteren, the Netherlands)
  • 2001–2004: field vegetation mapping in three different parts of the Czech Republic - project NATURA 2000 (J. Wimmer, J. Juřička and D. Cigánek)
  • October 2002–February 2003: working stay in New Zealand, participation on the project Browsing effect of introduced mammals on the regeneration processes of native beech forest – preparation and coordination of the local project in Tongariro National Park (Steve Deverell and Sean Husheer - Department of Conservation, Turangi, New Zealand)
  • 2004–2005: research assistant in the project VISTA - Vulnerability of Ecosystem Services to Land Use Change in Traditional Agricultural Landscapes, focused on measuring plant functional traits in field experimental studies (prof. Jan Lepš, Faculty of Biological Sciences in České Budějovice)
  • September–November 2005: working stay in Taiwan, the introduction of European vegetation survey methods for the Taiwan national vegetation diversity inventory and mapping project (invited by Dr Ho-Yih Liu and Forestry Bureau, Republic of China)
  • September–December 2007, September–December 2008 and September–December 2009: working stay in Taiwan, fieldwork as a part of the study for revealing the effect of cloud on the diversity of mountain subtropical cloud forests, together with Ching-Feng Li (Masaryk University Brno)
  • September-November 2010: working stay in Taiwan, contributing to the concept of the study of Forest vegetation of Taiwan
  • July-November 2012, 2013, 2014: working stay in Taiwan, fieldwork for the project Beta-diversity of vegetation along constrained ecological gradients, supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.

Field experience: Central Europe, Crete, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand.

Travel experience: Europe, northern Russia, Turkey, Morocco, USA, China, Tenerife.

Publications: Please check my Scopus profile (