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 metatag-keywords=(vegetation ecology) ​ metatag-keywords=(vegetation ecology) ​
 metatag-description=(Homepage of David Zeleny) metatag-description=(Homepage of David Zeleny)
 metatag-og:​description=(Homepage of David Zeleny) metatag-og:​description=(Homepage of David Zeleny)
 metatag-og:​any=(anything else 2) metatag-og:​any=(anything else 2)
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 ~~Title: Homepage~~ ~~Title: Homepage~~
-{{ :figures:intro1.jpg?nolink&​670x503 ​|Oak tree in Palava hills. ​Photo: D. Zelený}}+{{ :figures:dsd_2236_crop_small.jpg?nolink |Photo: D. Zelený}}