Students I currently supervise or co-supervise

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Yin-Sun Yao, 姚尹舜, Master student since autumn 2021 (co-advised by Prof Wen-Yun Kao)
  • Hsun-Hung Chu, 朱訓宏, Master student since autumn 2021
  • Shu-I Lin, 林書逸, Master student since spring 2021
  • Tsung-Chen Lee, 李宗宸, Master student at NTU's School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, main advisor since autumn 2019, co-advised by B.-T. Guan
  • Chien-Fan Chen, 陳建帆, PhD student since autumn 2017 (Succession of vegetation on landslides in the montane forest zone of Taiwan)

Graduated students

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Yi-Mei Wu, 吳奕媺 (2023): Is decreasing richness of alien plant species along elevation in Taiwan caused by species temperature preference or intensity of human activities? [in English]
  • Shuo Wei, 魏碩 (2023): The ecological characteristics of the safe sites for early-stage regeneration of Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana seedlings in Taiwan [in English]
  • Ching-Lin Huang (Andy), 黃敬麟 (2023): Disentangling ecological processes underlying the metacommunity by integrating several analytical methods [in English]
  • Yu-Pei Tseng, 曾宇霈 (2022): Landscape effects on local species richness of woody specialists in Subtropical Montane Cloud Forest of Taiwan [in English]
  • Kuan-Fu Lin, 林冠甫 (2022): The relationship between understory species composition and environmental factors in the Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot [in English]
  • Yi-Nuo Lee (Enoch), 李以諾 (2021): Importance of interspecific and intraspecific variation of plant functional traits: a case study in the Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot [in English]
  • Po-Yu Lin, 林柏佑 (2021): Woody species richness along elevation in Taiwan: patterns and mechanisms [in English]]
  • Tsung-Yi Lin, 林宗儀 (2019): The pattern of fern and lycophyte species composition and community-level fern leaf functional traits along an elevation gradient in Northeastern Taiwan [in English]
  • Kenneth Huang, 黃駿鏹 (2019): Mean family age and community phylogenetic structures of Taiwanese woody vegetation along elevation [in English] (co-advised together with Dr Chun-Neng Wang, 王俊能)
  • Yen-Cheng Shen, 沈彥成 (2019): Relationship between functional traits of woody species and elevation gradient: a case study from forest vegetation in Northern Taiwan [in English] (co-advised together with Prof Wen-Yuan Kao, 高文媛)

Co-advised students from other departments of National Taiwan University

  • Chen Ting, 陳婷 (2023): Woody species composition of the Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot and its relationship to environment [in English] (co-advised by K.-F. Chung)
  • Hsin-Yen Teng, 鄧信彥 (2022): Phytosociological study of natural forest vegetation in Lalashan and Tamanshan regions, northern Taiwan [in English] (co-advised by K.-F. Chung)
  • Ren-Mei Ooi, 黃仁梅 (2018): Application of indicator kriging and ordinary kriging to map spatial distribution of tree species [in English] (co-advised together with Dr Tseng-Yih Lam, 林 增毅)

Department of Botany and Zoology, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Doctoral theses

Master theses

Bachelor theses