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 +====== The level of R required for the NumEcol class ======
 +Before you decide to enroll for the NumEcol class, please make sure that you have basic skill in using R. If you have never used R before, consider either to take first some of the R courses, or make sure that you study R by yourself before the NumEcol classes start.
 +What I need you to do is:
 +  * install R and RStudio, and get familiar with it (we will use RStudio in the class);
 +  * know how to assign the value to the object, what are the difference between object types (vector, matrix, data frame, list), and how to subset them (choose only part of the object for use);
 +  * how to upload external data into R (from txt file, online file and Excel);
 +  * install and upload external R package;
 +  * plot simple data (scatterplot and boxplot).
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