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Registration information for the 107-2 semester

Thank you for your interest in the class Numerical Methods in Community Ecology, which I will teach in spring semester 2019 (107-2) in National Taiwan University. If you plan to attend the class, please make sure to read further and register (the registration form for non-NTU students is provided below).

Class schedule

In the spring semester 2019 (107-2), I will teach the class in three weekend blocks: 2/23-24 (Saturday+Sunday), 3/23-24 (Saturday+Sunday) and one 5/25 (Saturday; note that this last date changed from the one I originally announced). The class will take place in Life Science building (exact classroom will be announced in later email) and the class will always start at Saturday, 9:00. You need to bring your own computer with the access to the Internet.

If you are not from Taipei, please make sure that you search in advance for a convenient accommodation for the weekends the class will take place, and also make sure you will arrive in time for the class (we start sharp on Saturday morning 9 am).

Class requirements

I require that every student attending this class has basic knowledge of using R program (, which will be used for analysis of data using the methods we will learn in the class. The level of R needed for the class is pretty basic, but as a rule, I will not accept for the class a student who does not have basic skill in using R program. Check here to know what level of R I require (you may also consider taking first my Introduction to R for Ecologists course which I teach every year in autumn semester, and then take NumEcol class next year). One week before the class starts, there will be a series of online mini-assignments focused on testing your ability of using R (representing 10% of overall class evaluation) to make sure that you have the basic skill in using R before you arrive for the first class; I will also provide a set of simple R tutorials which you can follow to gain basic knowledge.

This is an intensive course; apart to the classes, there will be also a set of online homework assignments for you to do and upload to CEIBA before the deadline. Expect that almost every week there will be one assignment you need to complete, and these assignments will compose rather significant part of the total evaluation. You also need to pass through the midterm and final quiz, and prepare and present the final report, in which you will use your (or borrowed) community ecology data and analyse them by some of the methods we learnt in the class.


If you are not a student of NTU, NTNU and NTUST, you will not be able to get official credit from this class. However, if you register for the class as “Registered student outside of NTU/NTNU/NTUST”, you can participate as other enrolled students do – joining the classes, passing through the midterm and final exam, preparing and presenting the final project. I (together with my TA) will spend the same energy on you as on other students in discussions, fixing homework assignments, evaluating midterm and final quiz and final report. As a reward, you will get unofficial certificate stating that you participated in the class, and what is your score (in NTU’s grading system). Although this certificate is unlikely to be recognized by your university as a standard class, it may be useful contribution to your CV as a proof of skill you gained. If you register as an auditor without doing assignments/tests/presentation, you will not be able to obtain the certificate about participating in the class, and you do not need to attend the last class in May (which will be focused solely on final test and final presentation).

How to register

There are three types of registrations for this class (for details, see below):

  1. enrolled student - you want to actively participate in the class, you are student of NTU, NTNU or NTUST, and you want to get credit;
  2. registered student outside of NTU/NTNU/NTUST - you want to actively participate in the class, you are from other university or institution than NTU/NTNU/NTUST, and you want to get unofficial certificate about your attendance in the class;
  3. auditor - you want to attend the class only as an auditor, not actively participating and without the right to get certificate.

Note: active participants are those who attend the class, make homework assignments, attend midterm and final quiz, prepare the final report and present it; active participants can also come to discuss during the teachers office hours and use the help of TA for solving their analytical problems. Auditors are not active participants.

1. Enrolled student

If you are NTU, NTNU or NTUST student and you plan to attend the class as enrolled student, please use the standard procedure to enroll for the class as you would do for any other class at NTU (using the Course Selection System, 網路選課操作簡介). Please, do not register using the form provided on this website.

2. Registered student outside of NTU/NTNU/NTUST

If you plan to register for the class and you are not a student of NTU, NTNU or NTUST, please fill the online registration form below and submit it before January 17, 2019. I will create “sit-in student” user account for you in CEIBA (online study system of NTU), and you will be able to 1) get emails from me related to the class, 2) upload homework assignments, midterm and final quiz solutions, independent work, and 3) access important information related to the class. Without this access, you are unable to actively participate in the class and get further information related to the schedule, classroom, changes etc. All future communication will be done using CEIBA system to the email you use for the registration.

3. Auditor

If you plan to attend the class as an auditor (ie you don’t plan to do homework assignments, write tests and do final report), it is possible – please, use the online registration form below and submit your registration before 17 January 2019, so as I know how large classroom I should book and how many students in total I should expect. Both students from NTU/NTNU/NTUST or stduents from other universities and institutions can become auditors.

Registration form

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