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Seminar on Vegetation Ecology / 植群生態學專題討論


Selection and presentation of a paper

  1. Select the paper you want to present - it should be a case study or forum, but not a review (or only in an exceptional case). You may have two shorter papers which are representing scientific conversation (a study and the response to the study by other authors, if you found it interesting).
  2. Latest the Monday a week before you present (better earlier), send the paper(s) to me for an agreement that it is a good idea to present it (you may optionally select two papers and ask me for the suggestion which may be better).
  3. Latest the Tuesday a week before you present (but after I approve it!), please send the selected paper to everyone so as each of us has the paper at least one week in advance to read; use email for this.
  4. Each presentation should not be longer than 30 minutes (the duty of the host is to control the time using the timer). If the paper is complex, please choose only smaller and the most interesting or important portion of the paper, don't try to present everything. The goal is not “to present”, but “make everyone understand why the paper is interesting”. Please, speak slowly, and avoid using too many very specific terms or abbreviations, which may not be familiar to others - and if you use them, add a brief explanation.
  5. For the presentation, you can prepare the PowerPoint slides, or not really. But if you decide to prepare slides, make sure that these contain max 10-20 words (I suggest as few as possible), and also that you do not read the slides when you presenting - try to talk by your own words from your head. The reason - once you start to read slides, you speak fast, but others cannot catch easily what you mean (also because the density of specific terms is much higher than if you tell it out of your head).
  6. It's definitely good to include figures or even tables when you present results. But in the case of figures, make sure you know what the axes mean and what is the figure actually about, and you are able to explain details (practice in advance!). In the case of tables - include only smaller and the most important ones. Several slides with many tables flooding everyone with numbers are not really something others are interested to see.
  7. IMPORTANT: It's not only that you should present the paper - we hope you will also add your personal opinion about the study, e.g. as the last five minutes of your presentation, where you will say why you have chosen this paper and why you feel interested in it, and if you feel the paper has some troubles (after you read it in detail) or something you really don't agree with (or, in contrast, you like a lot). On the other side, when presenting the paper itself, make sure that you are truly presenting what authors did and wrote, not what you think they did and wrote.
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