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Download standalone application and example data:

Download only the R script for JUICE-R function:


Originally published version of the script (version 1.0) can be found here:

If you want to run CoDeK program directly as standalone application (Option 1 in the User's guide), download CoDeK_vX.X.zip1) file, unzip it and modify the name of CoDeK_bat into CoDeK.bat 2).

If you want to run CoDeK from JUICE (Option 2 in the User's guide), download CoDeK_vX.X.r3) file and run it as JUICE-R function from JUICE.

Example vegetation data represent succession stages from secondary to primary subtropical lowland forest (Li 19974)). Example data in txt format and JUICE format are identical (JUICE format additionally contains header data such as geographical coordinates and few environmental factors).


Version 1.1

  • The original script cannot handle situation when dataset contains two or more occurrences of the same species name (e.g. the same species occurring simultaneously in different layers). The newly implemented solution is the following: if the species occurs more than once, only one occurrence (with higher IVI/cover) is considered. Note that Cocktail Determination Key does not consider information about vegetation layer in which the species occur, so the dataset correctly prepared for determination should not contain each species name more than once.
1) , 3)
X.X stands for the version number, e.g. 1.1
i.e., replace “_” by “.”, using file manager
Li, C.-F. 1997. Vegetation Succession of the Machilus-Castanopsis Zone in the Northwestern Region of Taiwan. Master thesis. Department of Forestry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, TW.
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