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Class Date Place Topic Teacher
Introduction 2/22 14:20 R1148, Life Science introduction of each other, safety in the field David+Woody, safety by Woody
Block 1 - grassland excursion
1a - Theory 3/8 14:20 R1148, Life Science introduction into Braun-Blanquet sampling method David
1b - Excursion 3/10 3/31 (Sunday) Taoyuan Gu or Dongao or elsewhere David+Woody
1c - Lab 3/15 14:20 R1148, Life Science introduction to IVI sampling method Woody
Block 2: Fushan Botanical Garden
2a - Theory 4/12 14:20 R1148, Life Science determining species after Excursion 1, retyping data, discussion David+Woody
2b - Excursion 4/13-4/14 Fushan Botanical Garden David+Woody
2c - Lab 4/19 14:20 R1148, Life Science finish determination and retyping data, discussion
Block 3: cloud forest
3a - Theory 6/14 14:20 R1148, Life Science introduction to plotless sampling method and permament plot methodology David
3b - Excursion 6/16 (Sunday) Lalashan region David+Woody
3c - Lab and final 6/21 R1148, Life Science determining species, retyping data, discussion, conclusion David+Woody

Introduction: Friday 2/22 - introduction of each other (David + Woody), safety in the field (Woody)

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