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How to edit this wiki pages?


You need to be registered to edit the wiki and upload your scripts. For registration, please contact the admin of this website (David Zelený) and your account will be created1).

Modify current text

You are welcome to correct or polish the text of these wikipages, if you feel it will contribute to the clarity of the message. After login, click on the Show page button and modify the text (follow syntax). To see the changes without saving, click on Preview, for saving changes click on Save.

Add your script

Add your script to this wiki in three steps:

  1. add the script into the table in Available JUICE-R scripts
  2. upload the script to the namespace scipts
  3. create the help page for the script.

1. Add the script into the table

At the page Available JUICE-R scripts, append description of your new JUICE-R function at the end of the table. In wiki syntax, this will look like this (you may actually copy this to the end of the table and replace it by your text):

|Name of the script (keep short)  |Brief description what does it do  |Author  |

and in reality like this:

Name of the script (keep short) Brief description what does it do Author

2. Create the help page

The first cell of the table row you added should contain the link to the help page for your script. To create the link to new empty wiki page, simply surround the Name of the script by double square quotes:

|[[Name of the script (keep short)]]  |Brief description what does it do  |Author  |

This will create the following entry in the table:

Name of the script (keep short) Brief description what does it do Author

After you save the editing, click on newly created link (should appear red with dotted underline) and follow it to blank wiki page. To create the basic structure of help page, click on Edit this page button on the right margin of the page, and copy there the following (replace tags with your text):

====== Short Name of the Function ======
=== Author: Name Surname ===

//Short description what the function is actually doing//

<WRAP left centeralign round download 50%>
**Download JUICE-R script:**\\


(last update: XX.XX.XXXX)

When you are done with this, upload the script. Stay in the edit mode, remove HERE WILL COME THE SCRIPT, but keep with the cursor at the beginning of that line. Click on the icon of figure in the buttons available above editing window (Add images and other files (opens in new window)), navigate to the wiki folder scripts (left part of the wizard), then Select files (find the *.r code on your computer) and Upload it to the wiki. When finished, click on the newly created link to the file - it should copy to the main wiki window as a link to the file with *.r script.

Click on Save button to save the edits, and check the result.

Help page should contain detail information for user to operate the function, including (if necessary) theoretical background, references and links to other sources (see e.g. generalists-specialists).

Previously, registration was done automatically by clicking on the Login button and Registration link, but this option must have been disabled, since the website has been hacked several times…
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