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Installation and setup

Install R program

Download the latest version of R program from and install on your computer.

Install JUICE program

Installation files of the JUICE program can be downloaded from If you have already installed the JUICE program on your computer, you may want to update it (in JUICE menu go to Help > Quick JUICE update).

Setup of JUICE program

First step to use the JUICE-R function is to link JUICE and R program by setting up the R directory in JUICE program. Start JUICE program, and in menu File > Options > External Program Paths > R project specify the address of Rgui.exe file1). This file is usually in c:\Program Files\R\R-x.xx.x\bin\x64 folder (if you run 64-bit version of R) or in c:\Program Files\R\R-x.xx.xx\bin\i386\ folder (if you run 32-bit version of R). R-x.xx.xx is the R version you are currently using (e.g. R-3.0.2).

only Rgui.exe works, R.exe or Rterm.exe doesn't!
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