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Available R scripts

Name of the script Brief description Author
Header data analysis Draws histograms, regressions and boxplots of JUICE header data David Zelený
Calculation of generalists and specialists Calculates co-occurrence based metric of generalists and specialists (Fridley et al. 2007, Zelený 2009) David Zelený
Species response curves Calculates and draws species response curves (Gaussian, GLM, GAM and HOF models) David Zelený
Modified permutation test for Ellenberg values Calculates modified permutation tests for correlation, regression and ANOVA of mean Ellenberg indicator values with other variables related to species composition, such as ordination scores or results of classification (Zelený & Schaffers 2012) David Zelený
Nomenclature checking Checks the taxonomic nomenclature of species in the JUICE table Lubomír Tichý

Download and use the scripts

Download the *.r file with the script and save it in your computer (e.g. in a subfolder of JUICE folder in Program Files, c:/Program Files/JUICE/JUICE-R). Read How to use JUICE-R function for details.

Add a new script

To add the new script, read How to edit this wiki for details.

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